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by Koch musicians

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released January 21, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Siku Yangu by K-soja ft ala-c
my day starts likethis,how does your day start like?
my day ends like this,how does your day end like
mine is been good today,how was your day been like?

It's 4:30 in the morning i start my day with a prayer
It's already morning no need to keep on sleeping
a bit meditation then i get off the bed,iam good but the day looks tough
rather i cant start complaining coz many have tried but not succeeded
I dont see the need of me taking a bath,its only yesterday i took a shower
let me go see my boys, we politic about football and watch fine ladies someone just paid my debt let me find myself a cup of coffee
i get back to my boys,i hear someone talking bad,since i dont like to fight i decide to walk away before it gets ugly
im looking at my watch,time is running fast,its lunchtime am broke

how was your day like.?

its already afternoon,there is a lady beeping my phone,since i dont have no airtime so i beep her back
im wondering should i get airtime?i say no..!coz this girl has a crush on me i dont love her
not long i see a fine girl whom i have a crush on,
i approach her forgetting her boyfriend always act stupid,
before i talk to his girl, he chase me away with his crew ha..!ha..
running and breathing hard

its already eveninig let me go see my friend kevo to plot for this weekend
i was forgeting there is a party at kevo's place so we aint going clubbin
i fill delicious ricez smell inviting me in,it seems today i will be feeling good
im now full,its time now to get back home,its already
dark you know its very risky in the hood
its not for long sammy's dogs start barking at me am running to the gate but no one to open for me
i jump on the fence to the bed is where am resting,lemmi sleep thats how my day ends like

my day starts like this ha..,its 4:30am in the mornining i start my day with a prayer(4times)
Track Name: Chambua by Kamadoktas
We coming up, street faces
Setting the time, reaching the streets
Switching the lights,

Analyze it, tear it up
Break it, blow it up
My home town, Dandora is the best

Verse One
We have talent given to us, No for boasting we have to shine
And to be happy today is a weekend.
Call me Pish, always dam a eat fish,
I hate to be sick coz my song is a hit, Daily struggle living in the ghetto
I have the number my favorite fruit is a mango
Like Kamango wa Bishop Wanjiru, who just died without a phone
Bursting the bubble, we from Dando the slums of Dandora
Can’t even afford diadora labeled clothes, mobile phones from Motorola or even Toyota corolla cars
My lady flora, a beautiful flower
Always on a roller drinking coacola
But you can find her in street corners


Verse Two
We are coming twist your face
Tump like froes,break buttle,
Hips and bones,ask fore fathers
We are bouncing ,money in pokets
In good houses,putting on boots,
Second hand clothes,home town curse
Closine shops and blowing up heads
Still smoking smelling grass
Me and my lady up in market
Up and down tossing up sheets
Nothing to fear
The game is to get her near
Girls like Brenda want to eat
Chicken,Chips,Beans and Chapatis
Up in the school and in campus
Moreno Ocampo come with a stambok
Give them a whipping
Listen to the song or I give you a beating

Verse three
My friends stop hating me
Remember bees have stings
Prented to be bad am worse
When we come you run away
Holding your collar fix you in a corner.
Give you boxing punches inside the forest bushes
My lady is a young girl from a Luo tribe
Mixed up in steets of Dandora
When the rain comes I have umbrella
Looking for money stealing from a man
Machine guns firing but we are still Comig
The way you love it in a commercial beats
Making you pull your mouth to the full
Music blasting your eardrum bursting
A beautiful madam,brought in the slum
Give some rum,maize meal and animal intestines

Track Name: Nipiga picha by Si-so
Take a photo of me edit and save as the wallpaper of your heart.
yeah aaaah take a photo of me.......

Am walking barefooted,
all i feel is pain for this journey
without you is honestly hard,
missing you is like poison thats why my heart
and body cant stay at peace daily they fighting,
eversince my childhood you were my happiness,
in my career you are my strength in all of my songs you make all my punchlines,
i wont hesitate to introduce you to my mother,
join hands with me forget the past focus on the future,
quench your thirst with candy and assume peoples politics,
i might be broke but we will travell together this way with the train
of all the dreams that i have,
when you feel cold am here to keep you warm,
universal provider whatever you ask for shall be granted,
nomatter how many problems i go through,
as long as you will have me as the wallpaper of your heart.


(KENDI)I have already sunk in this ocean of love and cant resque myself because am stuck in love baby boy baby boy
(SISO)I have already sunk in this ocean of love and cant resque myself because am stuck in love without you I cant manage eeh

(KENDI)You have provided all my basic needs without measures,
you give me attention always without tension thats why i guess you fit me.....

Look at the way the morning star shines upon us with promises,
the stars,the moon and the mountains daily
thats why i hustle with efforts because the hopes of putting a ring on your finger are high
so i got to play my cards safe,
when it rains you take me away like the tsunami floods,
when it dries you kill me with drought of love,
your beauty outdoes every other
and when I starve you the one that fills the gap
so al do anything to stick by you,
i will hustle for a ring on your finger,
i will put my life at risk to protect you as long as you will save me as the wallpaper of your heart.
(Take my photo edit and save it in your heart)*3
all i need is plain and pure love without make up.
Track Name: Adabu by Ramo Razo
Long time ago not so long, the time that I was born then I was raised up,after more than years I keep on growing , rural areas where I raised up ,life of the past my grandfather used to teach me things about life ,in the past people lived in peace .people cormforted each other ,helped each other in different occuasion,no matter what situation hey faced ,they sticked together,[my grandfather ] son of my son live anice life so that you can see, upcoming future will get change, I think is joke now I can see,things that they taught me,fear of the world everyday in the life, without people knowing they get themselves in trouble.

When I was a child I was taught to have respect , live in the world passing temptation, this and that one I
Don’t found the answer, in all this crimes is it a curse ,my dear people I need an answer.

The world has full of evil if you don’t listen to parent the world will teach you, if you don’t listen to the elders you get to face the consequences, this is what I was taught when I was a child, I the past ,in school even at home ,but now i see this crimes in slums, youths they have engaged themselves in crimes, they are not satisfied with what they get, at night they stab others with knives during the day they pretend to be innocence, youths have engaged themselves in drugs addictive, without knowing it can led them to death, when I say this I don’t mean to have enemy, I’m just telling you the truth to how to past the consequences.

Razo Ramo I’m talking to you pay attention , I like spreading the truth, the reality and is not a joke in everything you do you must pay for it or to be happy about it, maybe you have paid for the bad things you did or to get happy for good things you did, me I can’t know but God knows, in world there is good and bad, you must face it you like or not, life in the world rum it slow, don’t rush your targeting to be happy, those who knows the life heard already knows the challenges in life, to be happy in your life you must follow your elders I mean how they lived their lives.
Track Name: YA MTAA by Mr.Hope
Ohoo! my heart gets sad when i remember the life
that have gone through long time ago i looked like a human being
who has nothing to give.
People looked down on me they looked me poor, street boy.
But some were good-heated but many keep on looking down on me.
Mother, father, aunty, brother and sister, All of us called you help
but they kept turning us down.
Many threatened to beat us just to make us go away
To them we were like refugees and all we know is that we were the owners of the place.

Do not mis-treat me i don't have anyone to look upto you are my mum, my dad, my brothera and also my sister *2

Life in the streets is full of problems,
everything is a struggle, in the street, sleeping is a problem, eating is another problem
and living is also a problem *2

I know I am rich so don't ask me my wealth just look at my health
and then I know that I am not lying because I am not dying
Any friend let me tell you that it is not my likeness that I am here in the street
I had parents too but through bad luck
they passed away and that made my problems more tha before,
that is why I become a street boy who sttrugles up and down
to search for food so if a borrow a thilling from you
know that it's because of my problems.


When you see me you run away because you think I smell,
when you see I am dirty you think am a devil
I ama ahuman being and not an animal
Because of my problems you are hating me.
God I am asiking that you give your people understanding and forgive them
for they do not know what they are doing.
If they could just know they could first fear you and they could also love me.
God I know you are the giver of all the blessings
and I am not in a hurry for I know my blessings are still there and I know one day
they will see me and wonder?

Even when they say that all I eat is trash
God I know that you are the one who takes care of my health.
God for those who are good-hearted I ask you to bless.