Adabu by Ramo Razo

from by Koch musicians

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Long time ago not so long, the time that I was born then I was raised up,after more than years I keep on growing , rural areas where I raised up ,life of the past my grandfather used to teach me things about life ,in the past people lived in peace .people cormforted each other ,helped each other in different occuasion,no matter what situation hey faced ,they sticked together,[my grandfather ] son of my son live anice life so that you can see, upcoming future will get change, I think is joke now I can see,things that they taught me,fear of the world everyday in the life, without people knowing they get themselves in trouble.

When I was a child I was taught to have respect , live in the world passing temptation, this and that one I
Don’t found the answer, in all this crimes is it a curse ,my dear people I need an answer.

The world has full of evil if you don’t listen to parent the world will teach you, if you don’t listen to the elders you get to face the consequences, this is what I was taught when I was a child, I the past ,in school even at home ,but now i see this crimes in slums, youths they have engaged themselves in crimes, they are not satisfied with what they get, at night they stab others with knives during the day they pretend to be innocence, youths have engaged themselves in drugs addictive, without knowing it can led them to death, when I say this I don’t mean to have enemy, I’m just telling you the truth to how to past the consequences.

Razo Ramo I’m talking to you pay attention , I like spreading the truth, the reality and is not a joke in everything you do you must pay for it or to be happy about it, maybe you have paid for the bad things you did or to get happy for good things you did, me I can’t know but God knows, in world there is good and bad, you must face it you like or not, life in the world rum it slow, don’t rush your targeting to be happy, those who knows the life heard already knows the challenges in life, to be happy in your life you must follow your elders I mean how they lived their lives.


from Koch Music Compilation FLOW, track released January 21, 2012


all rights reserved


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