Koch Music Compilation LIFE

by Koch musicians

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Chorus When you said you will be passing by home, My love I have I have been waiting patiently, But since you left you never came back. Verse One Remember when we first met, me and you my love, Days have passed by yet you are still on my mind, In your heart you made lots issues on your mind, Saying to me you are tired. Your had made a promise and confessed your love to me, Yet deeply your hurt me willingly Chorus Verse Two Your friend always ask about your whereabouts, What will I say and even me I have no Idea where you are, I really want to see you for my heart to have peace, Please forgive me for anything I did wrong, Your had made a promise and confessed your love to me, Yet deeply in my heart I feel hurt from your ways Chorus Am waiting for you babbie, to come to me lady, Come to me my sweet babbie, Your had made a promise and confessed your love to me, Yet deeply in my heart I feel hurt from your ways Chorus
Chorus Everywhere I go they say East and coast they say Let me live my life Let me live free x2 Verse 1 Let me live my life Let me live my life I hate being hated by others and not afraid of What they say Coz no one is friendly but hypocrites Cuz the one I fought to be a friend is not And the one I never thought of as a friend is my friend now, Talk, talk put my name in the magazine Coz I don’t care But only praying God to forgive me knowledge and power To move on Even if they betray me Not to put their words in my mind, coz hate what I do And the giver of the talent is for all Verse 2 Baibe I know that you are mine They won’t let me live my life, I know that you are mine But let me live my life Forever in my life no matter what they say Baibe you are always on my mind No matter what they say baibe your future life Never ever tell me bye I’ll listen to the advice, but I’ll never take the advice I can’t be the way they want me to be I cant live the way they want me to live I cant do the way they want me to do Let them say but al live my own life Chorus Verse 3 baibe, they say you are so beautiful that I cant manage You and ……… Everyday old men says that you are not Respectful to them is it? I don’t like their gossip about you I want to live with you forever Outro We don’t like mummerers Why are you mummering We like mummeres at all JAB, SANTANA G FREEKY AKA JAGE
CHORUS I am so much sressed, There down town policemen are after me, I have no even twenty shillings to take me back home from town, Yet the policemen are demanding for a thousand shillings from me, VERSE 1 It was one chilly morning that I woke up so early in the morning when I left my family still asleep. I was going to town to look for a job. I had no any money and so I had to walk the long distance of hundreds kilometers on foot. Unfortunately,evening reaches and fail to get employed due to social problems such as tribalism,racism,nepotism,corruption among others. VERSE 2 On my way home I meet a gang of thieves who rob me of my mobile phone. Just a little distance ahead, I meet a young lady who bumps herself on me accusing me of having robbed her her mobile phone. Suddenly, a mob comes and beats me up to an extend of breaking my four front teeth. Luckily enough, I manage to escape narrowly. Still on the run, I meet around twenty policemen who harass me by demanding a thousand shillings from me yet I don't have even twenty shillings to board a vehicle and get home.So ironical... VERSE 3 I arrive at home very late in the night,around 11pm. The family members are still awake,hopefully waiting for me to at least bring something home after having left them without any amount of money to spend during the day.Unfortunately, I come home without money.The wife threatens to leave as she is faded up with such kind of life (POVERTY LIFE). The song ends in suspense without solution to the problems...
Verse 1 The sun is rising children are outside playing. Everyone is smiling, but there his one spreading rumours hate speech. Who is the enemy who is spreading this lies. Tribal it will destroy us, look africa, war most part. God forgive us. Chorus NA na na naaa weehhh all kenyans together Sha na na na weehh all africa Na na na na weehhh africa together Verse 2 Africa full of joy & patience but sadness is overwhelming. We've fight, killed one another. What have we gain in these. Tel me l want to know why, let us come together. Spread love beyound tribalism, love is greater. Verse3 Blood is running flowing like a river Women a crying, kids are dying * 2


released January 21, 2012


all rights reserved


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