Still going strong

from by Philip Noldan

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This is our music the Rastafarians Religion
Reggae music beat down the walls of Babylon and set the capty free
It was ordered by the masia marcus garvay
So way wasting your time to fight down my music
Hey boss

Huwohuh_huu woh_huwoh huwoh howoh
H! oh yes.
Oh. Yes I, know they ware trying in al ways to burn down reggae music
Trying to convince the youths they want the yuoths to refuse it
But they can not.
But original youth man can not refuse it or decrease it
And a bobo man will continue to increase it
I remind them that no one can stop us to play It or to skank it
Skank it
Coz, it was orderd by the mesia marcus garvay

It has been far to long
And its so strong
It has been far to long and its continues to ( go strong x2)......

A Full say’s that reggae music it makes the youths to get in drugs (stop deceiving)
Pretending to protect the youths from drugs but they are trying to defend this reality.
And we’ve already know they are big fish who import the drugs and sale it to ghetto youths illegally
You should stop that illegal business that you do first
then come back try again to fight down the ganja

it has been for to long
and its so strong
it has been for to long
and its continues to (go strong x2)......

the doctor said that excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health
not excess ones you taste it.
And they are still giving the license to operate alcohol industries and out here they tel you that
Smoking cigarette is harmful to your health?
Smoking herb is the best I say.
When peter tosh one of the pioneering reggae musician sang legalize it don’t criticize it
And will advertise it every one new that he was talking about marijuana, (didn’t you )
This holy herb is used for meditation but not all rastas smoke it bring it here (it is also used for medical purpose)
But never as a recreational drug Rastafarians justify it( pass it over) that jah gave to man to eat

It has been for to long
And its so strong
It has been for to long
and it continuous to( go strongx2)......

What is known to them as ganja is bang in Kenya (an illegal substance)
This herb has many names known as blantes, bobhope, dop, grass, herb, hemp, marryjane, pot, splif,
Puff, boza and many more.
How did a religion that sprang up in jamica find its way across the pacific ocean and eastafrica to reach east African the answer is simple
reggea music the rasta farians religion was popularized in the 1970s by the legendary reggae artists
peter tosh bob Marley and Joseph hill .
the music was trulely spreading the gospel of this religion.
Hear me when I say green herb.
Still Going Strong


from Still Going Strong, track released December 22, 2011


all rights reserved


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