Penzi maflows by Colourdy blech ft coaster

from by Koch musicians

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Don’t be far away from me
Be near me
Let’s party till morning
Use me then I use you
Use me till far
Live in my house
Worry me them I will worry you
Worry me like a liability
We are alone honey
Don’t want stories
The work is inside
Hold me I hold you
Hold me everywhere

Honey, look at this love is so important
Even if they try to finish us down
Still we are flowing together

Its honeymoon darling
I have money so
Lets party lets spend
Lets make this day
Lets go to Kingston, Miami then Paris
And Arabia then Kenya lastly
Lets enjoy once but
Lets not be squared
Because stocks never rote
Don’t forget the kids ahead
Lets save in the bank
So that life flows in seasons


Baby girl I’ve given you love
What remaining I’ll call you my wife
So let’s go far live with me
Leaving others
There are other people envy
They think they are police
So let them be left them say
I feel like a fire of them
So let me show you the place
Those who found each other are the loved ones

Sweety, I love you, I love you

How do you want me to express my love?
I want to bless you every time
Until you give me a child,
We name it a sweet name like yours
Don’t mind about those who see the rusty ticks
They want to be your friend when I have succeed
They don’t know Love is like VooDoo
Do you remember the first time we met
Look at how jealous they are
We have grown from weeks to month to years
That’s why I usually show you love love love…


from Koch Music Compilation MOON, released October 10, 2011


all rights reserved


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